Cat Food Reviews

Cat Food Reviews

Customer Cat Food Reviews

Below are some of the many cat food reviews we have received about Tiki Cat. We take great pride in our natural whole foods, and our cat food reviews prove it!

Tiki Cat is exactly what I had been looking for in a cat food

It's not full of unnecessary, unnaturalOlive ingredients like most other cat foods. It's purely fish and sometimes a little rice. I love that! I have 2 cats with 2 different diet needs which I have struggled with for most of their lives. My male cat, Olive, has Urinary Tract Disease and has had 3 emergency surgeries to clear life threatening struvite crystal & stone blockages starting when he was only 2 years old. He was put on a really gross RX diet (Science Diet)made with corn and meat-by-products as the main ingredient. He quickly became thin and greasy and often refused to eat or puked it up. I later did my research and asked the vet to put him on Waltham RX food which was marginally better than Science Diet formula, as the dry didn't contain by-products. I try my best!

My girl cat, China, began vomiting her food, no matter what I fed her. We thought it was because she had the Siamese trait of snarfing up her food too fast, but our vet speculated she might just need a radical diet change. She recommended feeding China an alternate protein diet with no allergy inducing grains. Do you know how HARD it was to find that kind of food years ago?! It took me months trying out different foods on her.

Only Natural Pet Store became a regular China and Oliveplace for me to shop for various supplements, enzymes, etc, and it was here I finally stumbled upon Tiki Cat. After discovering it had no chicken or grains, and learning it's supposed to be safe for cats with urinary problems, I thought it was too good to be true. I had to try it.

My cats absolutely LOVE Tiki Cat! They jump and scream at us when we open a can. I feed China mostly Tiki Cat mixed in with a little dry Halo ocean fish stomach formula (to stretch my dollar). She does great, but she does best on straight Tiki and has never vomited it alone. Olive is thrilled he gets to eat Tiki Cat mixed with his dry RX food, and I don't have to keep him from sticking his head in China's bowl to steal food anymore! I am still not 100% switched yet, because when you have a cat who blocked 3 times and had to pay $1,000 each time, you become weary. I'm afraid to take him off his RX food again. But so far, he has done great on it mixed with Tiki Cat, and it has been over a year. My goal is to be free of the RX food entirely. If anyone else has achieved this, I would love to know how it went!

Anyway, both cats weight issues are under control, they are slim and sleek, happy kitties at 8 & 9 years old now. :)
- springheathers - Walla Walla, WA


We just discovered our cat Oliver has food allergies. He had been sick for two years not knowing why he was throwing up every couple of days. He's intolerant to chicken, turkey, barley, brewers yeast, corn, eggs, rice, tomato, white potato, flaxseed. In almost every food on the market there is at least one of these ingredients. Chicken seems to be in everything even cans that are labeled as fish. And on top of that he has become incredibly picky. So in terms of choice there was very little. I've had to scour the food labels carefully. Three days ago I stumbled upon your products and boy was I glad to see that my Oliver was eating something he liked and could eat.

I want to say thank you as not many other companies pay attention to these new food allergies animals are developing. Most items like grains are fillers and it's nice to see a cat food that goes back to basics. Please keep this up and don't be afraid to announce that you are allergy friendly.
- Cathy B


I love feeding Tiki Cat to my little pet because it looks like real food.

My 16 year old male is in renal failure. He is getting sub-Q- fluids 2x a week. Also getting a vitamin B Complex shot, to increase his appetite. He had almost quit eating altogether, and I thought I would be letting him go soon. I went to my pet store today, and found this food. (my boy is a seafood only,picky eater) I brought it home ,opened up the can of Tuna in crab surimi consomme, and he ate it!!! I was estatic!!! He also ate the Ahi Tuna. Needless to say, I went right back and bought some more. Can't wait to tell my vet on Thursday when I take him for fluids.


I love feeding Tiki Cat to my little pet because it looks like real food.

A while back my husband and I were looking for foods for our three cats that would help with their dry and itchy skin. My husband kept hearing from friends and pet store employees about this Tiki Cat cat food, so we decided to try it. Well, holy smokes…our cats LOVE it like I never thought they would love any cat food. Tiki Cat, along with Avoderm dry, has made an amazing improvement in our cat's skin and overall health. I really never knew that the foods we bought from the grocery store were so bad for my boys! We are so glad we found you. If you can believe, now my boys won't even touch another canned food or even table scraps. They are Tiki only!!!

So here's the thing....I have three boys who, together, eat about four cans a day. I am wondering if you might consider making larger sizes for those of us with multiple cats? These days I am buying 12 cases at a time and it seems so wasteful to use all these cans when one large can would probably do the trick. Also, would you perhaps consider a dry food in the future? My cats would do back flips!

Thank you for making such a great product and for keeping my boys happy and healthy! I look forward to hearing back from you.
- Lannie
Note from Petropics: We are researching the best formula for a dry cat food now.


Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the great product you have in Tiki Cat. I have an 18 year old cat who was given six months to live about two years ago. When he got that diagnosis, I immediately went out to see what I could be doing better for him. I found that a good diet was a great place to start. Two years later, he is, for an old fella, in pretty good shape and shows no signs of slowing down! And I can't tell you how much he loves Tiki Cat! (Not a big fan of the sardines, but he gobbles up everything else -- ha ha!) Before I found Tiki Cat, he was barely eating anything. Now he goes through two cans of Tiki Cat a day. So needless to say, I'm thrilled. Keep up the good work!

Also, I was very surprised and happy to find Tiki Cat sold here in Costa Rica. Usually the only things we get are your standard, run-of-the-mill, full of byproducts dog and cat foods. I was wondering if you have any plans to make Tiki Dog food?

- Wendi P
Note from Petropics: click here to view our Tiki Dog foods.


Seriously, though, we have been trying out different high-protein, no-byproduct foods on our cat lately, based on our vet's recommendation. My wife picked up some Tiki Cat last week, and now we're not sure the cat will eat anything else. The going rate around here is like 80 something cents a can. The vet - who did not plug Tiki Cat specifically - thinks this type of diet will prevent a lot of common cat health problems, which he feels are caused by crappy pet food. So maybe the higher food cost will pay off in lower vet and care bills later (an interesting business plan on the vet's part!) Meanwhile we can geek out and feel like the cat is joining us in the Tiki experience... she does like hanging out in our lounge...


I was delighted to discover today the Tiki Cat line of canned cat food - and even more delighted to discover this evening that my cats enjoyed it! The reason for my delight - 7 years ago, my cat Tuco was diagnosed with feline diabetes. Until that time, I had given little thought to exactly what my cats ate. However, Tuco's diagnosis was a life-changing event, in that I now know much more about feline nutrition, and the role it plays in the health of the average feline - especially as they reach their senior years. Therefore, I am quite particular about what I feed my cats, and try very hard to avoid grain-based products or low quality foods. I am pleased with the ingredients that your products contain, as I am a firm believer that we should not be feeding our animals by-products or inferior grade meats. Nor am I reluctant to pay the premium price that these products command!

Best regards,
- Helen S


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am to have finally found a great quality food that both my cats are crazy about. Trust me…this is no easy task. It feels so good to be feeding them something I know is healthy. It’s also exciting to finally watch them both chow down with such gusto. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

- Tara R


Hello, Let me first say that my 8 hairballs love your Tiki Cat line of foods....LOVE THEM!!! I have a kitten who would not wean or eat on her own at all (she had to be syringe fed special food) until we gave her tiki cat canned tuna foods. We think your food is great but I'm wondering is it OK to give to a kitten as her sole food source? There is so much talk about giving kittens special kitten food so that is my concern.

Thank you!
- Nicole
Note from Petropics: all our Tiki Cat foods (except Tahitian, Bora Bora, and Hanalei) are for all life stages.

Your cat food saved our cat's life

He went into early renal failure two years ago and almost starved to death on a prescription food (given by our vet). We decided to find a food to make him happy for the last part of his life and I researched and found Tiki Cat.  Two years later, he is thriving and beautiful. At 21 years old, we never thought he'd make it this far. Friends and family are amazed at his turnaround. Vets should stop prescribing awful food for sick cats, and turn to Tiki Cat.

Thank you for saving our cat's life!
- Holly S.

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